Somatic Movement ARTs Festival Munich 2017
Everything has Presence
embodied wisdom and Conscious Contact Improvisation
Contact Improvisation Munich - A Heart Centered Culture
Play, have fun and take a bath in new way of community
Sensuality-the fluidbody of sensual wisdom
liqid crystaline lightbeings dancing together
everything flowers from within
The deepest nourisment for soul and body you ever experienced
-be touched -
let your heart move

Somatic Movement ARTs Festival Munich 2017 -



Contact Improvisation Munich -

-a Body and Heart Centered Culture-


01 November to 05 November 2017 near Munich



Its a Contact Improvisation Festival  called SomART Festival Munich - the Beauty One!


SomART and Contact Improvisation Munich is a HEART CENTERED CULTURE vocused on Movement ,Body, Spirit and Community.


The Source and Creation comes from beyond Time and Space manifesting and radiates in Form as Kalimah Moorea and Sus Palm - Taro Tiki Tiki - Nela - Markus Kunas and Karunesh Sarring. 


The festival offers you the opportunity to dive deep into your body wisdsom and heart.....calling back you as  a embodied heart centered light beeing called human

Celebrate and Danc Life in a fully emodied Form on Earth with other human beings.....together


01 November to 05 November near Munich in a little town called Benediktbeuern surounded of blue deep mystery feminine lakes and beatuiful powerful mountains.




Join Us! - BE Touched - take a bath - its pure Nourishment


Come and enrich your dance and delight your Life, Heart and Soul. 


Remember what it means to be a human being, dance and feel it again, follwow the resonance and your joy, regain your Eros, Creativity and Power....Give you the allowance to be "Human" - a multidimensional and heart centered light beeing in a beatiful holy and human and wise body, 


Contact Improvisation Dance , Pure Nourishment, Continuum Movement, BodyMindCentering, Yoga, Sensual-Satsang, Jungle Gym, Bodybliss, Trance Dance, Craniosacral Work,  Bodypercussion, Meditation, Singing-Circles, Sharing-Culture, Music, Performance, Yoga, Eros, Joy, Love - Pleasure, Flow, true intense Relating and Intimicity, Deep Touch - Vegan Bio Food


The New Way of being as a species - Impressions


Find us

Ludlmühlstraße 17
83671 Benediktbeuern


Festival and Accommodation and full board for 5 days:
€ 380 to 680 Euro


Hall/Gym - Bus - Tent- Privat Rooms (we can help if you need- Benedikbeuern is a Tourist-Area- there are many possibiltiy- also RbNB!)

* More info about the prices, the accommodation, food on the MORE INFORMATION page.


Children are welcome at the festival! There will be childcare during the intensives (but not during the workshops). For children who are 12 years or older, you'll have to pay 70 EUR for accommodation and food. You can bring younger children for free!



If you wish, you can be a Helper. Please write us for more information about Kalimah Moorea- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to register

Fill in the registration form below. You will get a confirmation e-mail sent to you shortly afterwards. You are fully registered as soon as we have received your payment. Apart from very special cases there is no refund in case you can't come.


No Money back. No refund.

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Teilnehmer / participant: min 195 EUR - max 240 EUR

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Wähle ein Intensive / Preferred Intensive
Unterkunft / accomodation
Mit Kind / accompanied by children
Anzahl Kinder ab 12 Jahren oder älter (+70 EUR) / count children age 12 or above (+70 EUR)
Anzahl Kinder unter 12 Jahre (umsonst) / count children age below 12 (free of charge)
Kinderbetreuung gewünscht (20 EUR pro K.) / childcare needed (20 EUR per child)

voraussichtlicher Überweisungsbetrag / expected price

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