Sylvain Meret




______________________________________________Pre Workshop Continuum Movement 

"Synchronization of the three hearts" - (with translation englisch to german)

Highly recomended from Kalimah Moorea !

we will tune in with this One Day Workshop with Sylvain Meret. He is teaching international and he can’t join the hole Festival this year,  so we decided to offer a Workshop right before the Festival.
If you a Participant of the Festival you can come for 60 Euro.  No Participant of the Festival: 85 Euro ( if you need financial support let us know)
Time:10:00-12:45 and 14:00-17:00 with a break
Place: Benediktbeuern - Hauptschule- Ludlmühlstrasse 7 - its around 45 minute from Munich with car!
Arrival: its easy to come with train to Benediktbeuern! - Also lots of People will come with car from Munich or Weilheim or Rosenheim
Registration please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. -  or call Kalimah 01773297706
In This Continuum movement® class, you will discover the powerful connection between breath, sound and movement and their effects on the fluid system. We will particularly focus the dive to align the beating of the 3 hearts. Indeed our heart is a bridge to be synchronized with the rhythms of the earth and of the cosmos. Continuum is an inquiry of the living principles that compose our universe, from the cell, to the embryo, to our body, to the planetary eco-systems, as far as to the galaxy. 
The body becomes a door gate to explore our humanness in its full expression.
The water element is the messenger and the message through which this exploration occurs.
Like a moving meditation, we ride the waves of our ancestry towards a potential future...
The class welcomes everyone interested in looking inside for few hours, and ready to move slowly. 

Bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a cushion to sit
Comfortable clothes (few layers to take on or off)
Workshop is given by Sylvain Meret, certified Continuum Movement® teacher, dance therapist and dance artist. 

Sylvain Meret:
Born in France, Sylvain has an eclectic curriculum in Visual Arts (BA), Contemporary Dance (p.a.r.t.s.) and Dance Therapy (MA). Sylvain is a contemporary dancer, movement teacher, dance therapist and spiritual translator. Since 1998, he has been active as a performer, choreographer and teacher, working in a range of contemporary and experimental styles, collaborating with many different artists in Europe and Asia.
Sylvain was educated in Shamanism with Chief dancing Thunder, Continuum with Emilie Conrad, Qi Gong with Master Li Jung Feng, “The moving cycle” with Christine Caldwell, master in Dance Therapy, Reiki, Anatomy Trains, Feldenkrais, BMC©…
He now teaches workshops, classes, retreats and private sessions using a broad range of modalities such as dance rituals, Continuum Movement©, shamanic healing, channeling, co-creative partnership or dance therapy. Sylvain has worked with a variety of clients and groups on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.
He strives to explore the landscape of co-creativity with the “original field of consciousness” inside our human experience, through embodiment, direct communication and direct knowledge bringing forth self-empowerment.