Sasha Dodo (THAILAND)



Poetic body - Butoh and Contact Improvisation Workshop
Description of the workshop: 
We will go through understanding of the nature of dance, play with perception of the movement/body/space by poetical images in solo and contact improvisation, taste different quality of connection and communication, merge into the meeting to enter each dance like known/unknown alive poem what is perform itself moment by moment, turn heart to the absence as presence, contemplate the inner landscape of meanings, aims and motivations of the body of dance, listening and melting to the place where dance/movement begins.

Contact improvisation together with Butoh Japanese dance gives an infinitely complete perspective with exhaustive understanding in order to stop focusing too much on external forms and depend on teachers and techniques, open up your own dance and learn from this dance every moment with pleasure and joy, while without much effort continuing to improve, making body/mind more and more flexible for any kind of transformations and to the beauty itself, which longs to be met every moment.

Final point:
The outcome of this workshop is performance; a composition of living poems, told truthfully through Japanese Butoh dance, Contact Improvisation, music organised in interrelation with light and the imagination of the viewer.
Short CV:
Sasha Dodo (RU)
Independent Nomadic Artist.
Writer, director, filmmaker, photographer, teacher of dance improvisation, performer.
Founder of Art Continuum Nomadic Residency.
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I am passionate about contact improvisation since 2010 and almost immediately I had to teach, this being still the way how I can learn. Also I am very inspired by japanese butoh dance, sufi whirling, axis syllabus and theatre as a place where all my artistic interests come together.

Beside dancing much of my attention is given to writing, directing, organising and photography.

Some of the projects that I organized and directed:
“Light&love” - yoga festival about awareness and non-duality 2011-2014, Crimea; "Nowness" - festival of spontaneous creativity 2012-2014, Art Center Shantambala, Odessa, Ukraine; "INCI" - festival of contact improvisation and video performance 2013-2014, Crimea; "Kwammanga" - contact improvisation platfrom in the festival, 2015, Anapa, Russia; "Contact Impro College" - international college of contact improvisation and performance, 2015-2016, Art Centre Shantambala, Odessa, Ukraine; "Art Continuum" - festival-laboratory on making a short film, including contact improvisation, voice practice and performance workshops. 2015-2018, Crimea - Thailand; "Solipsis" - art lab about: poetry, dance improvisation and performance. 2016-2017, Bolgaria - Romania - Russia; Theatre lab: "The lost place" - Siam Healing Centre, Koh Phangan, Thailand 2018; " - contepmorary dance perfromace, National Center of Dance, Bucharest, Romania 2017; "Dance dancing itself - dance performance, Thailand, 2018".

Geography of teaching art-theatre labs, workshops about dance improvisation:
Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Thailand, Turkey.

Here you can find more information about my work: