Sasha Dodo (THAILAND)



I am passionate about contact improvisation since 2010 and almost immediately I had to teach, this being still the way how I can learn. Also I am very inspired by japanese butoh dance, sufi whirling, axis syllabus and theatre as a place where all my artistic interests come together.

Beside dancing much of my attention is given to writing, directing, organising and photography.

Some of the projects that I organized and directed:
“Light&love” - yoga festival about awareness and non-duality 2011-2014, Crimea; "Nowness" - festival of spontaneous creativity 2012-2014, Art Center Shantambala, Odessa, Ukraine; "INCI" - festival of contact improvisation and video performance 2013-2014, Crimea; "Kwammanga" - contact improvisation platfrom in the festival, 2015, Anapa, Russia; "Contact Impro College" - international college of contact improvisation and performance, 2015-2016, Art Centre Shantambala, Odessa, Ukraine; "Art Continuum" - festival-laboratory on making a short film, including contact improvisation, voice practice and performance workshops. 2015-2018, Crimea - Thailand; "Solipsis" - art lab about: poetry, dance improvisation and performance. 2016-2017, Bolgaria - Romania - Russia; Theatre lab: "The lost place" - Siam Healing Centre, Koh Phangan, Thailand 2018; " - contepmorary dance perfromace, National Center of Dance, Bucharest, Romania 2017; "Dance dancing itself - dance performance, Thailand, 2018".

Work in progress:
"The lost place" - full-lenght cotemplative poetic movie based on book "the lost place", Cappadocia, Turkey, September 2019.
"The Vertigo" - book of fairy tails (RUS/ENG), September 2018.
"Art Continuum - festival of poetry, experimental theater and short movie 1 February - 10 Marth in Koh Phangan, Thailand".
"The Ritual" - solo dance perfromance, based on poetry, butoh improvisation and sufi whirling, 2018
"Dance dancing itself" retreat in Cappadocia, Turkey 1-8 july; 1-14 September, 2018

Geography of teaching art-theatre labs, workshops about dance improvisation:
Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Thailand, Turkey.

Here you can find more information about my work: