Body-Mind Centering® into Contact Improvisation

As a multicellular being our body and our first movement patterns are developed in fluid environment. Our body still contains mainly fluid and fluid tissue. Fluids are a vast transportation and communication system that nourish and move us from deep within. They underlie presence and transformation and modulate tension and relaxation. They let us feel and be alive! They support lightness, freedom, dynamic and stillness of our movement. 

We will use the quality of inner fluidity and the specificity of certain fluids to move alone, in contact, with a partner and in relationship to our environment and space. We will explore touch, weight sharing, and dancing in CI duets, trios and group improvisation with the support of fluid ground, inner rhythm, flow and pulse.

We will discover the inner organisation of the body and how it balances movement, awareness, stillness and action in our dances.



Nina teaches Body-Mind Centering®, Contact Improvisation and Yoga in classes, workshops, retreats and festivals around Europe as well as in dance schools. She is engaged in the Somatische Basis Ausbildung in Somatische Akademie Berlin and is co-hosting the yearly BMC® Festival in Berlin with 17 BMC®/IBMT Teachers. She has great joy to immerse deeply into the exploration of sensing, perceiving and the development of the body. She studied dance, is certified as a BMC® Practitioner as well as in Embodied Anatomy & Yoga and teaches embodied anatomy in dance and yoga schools in Berlin.