Dolores Marks (Thailand) - Contemporary Dance and Contact Improvisation - 



Nomadic artist, water dancer, performer, teacher of Contact Improvisation, Somatics, and festival organiser. Since 2015 Dolores has been traveling throughout Thailand, Philippines, India and Europe sharing CI and Water Dance. Dolores is a student of Somatic Movement Education programme at the School for Body-Mind Centering in Germany and includes Axis Syllabus amongst her research and inspirations.


“CI is a unique dance form and tool I use to support myself in the world; each dance is a insight into my state of mind and my bodies’ mind. With CI and BMC practices I am cultivating a deeper awareness of my body’s consciousness. Though the perception of touch, the practice of listening to sensory feedback from interaction and play with others we can better know ourselves. This research gives space for the imagination to freely flow in movement, celebrating expression and physics of the body’s wisdom, and thriving in the present being.


“Dancing in water opens channels into a fluid consciousness. Letting go of the action and doing that so controls us and surrendering to simply being in peaceful comprehension. When we attune to the liquid element; we inhibit our evolutionary lineage. Physical and emotional tensions are reduced, space opens within us, liquid moves through joints, organs, bones. Life flows through us freely as we spiral and dance with the organic rhythm of the waters currents.”



Workshop:Source of Movement



We open up to moving from the breath. Observing how our relationship to gravity changes in inhalation and exhalation, and how breath supports us in coming in and out of the ground. Diving below the heart beat, below the exchange of gas in our lungs to embrace the subtle internal respiration of our cells. Making it visible, to be enjoyed. 

Using hands on/touch as a tool to bring specific awareness into spaces and qualities of the body’s Minds. Sensing the dance of our interstitial and cellular fluids; exploring transitions between stillness and movement, expanding and condensing. Moved by the potential of this organic rhythm in duos and trios. Flowing in and out of each other, exchanging weight, moving as a single organism. 

Through witnessing we can contemplate patterns of the movement that we share. Then again together to move in a constant flow of change. 

Finally shifting perception from our inner workings to explore their relationship with space; how we respond to the environment through our movements. Allowing ourselves to be permeable, for space to breath us in and out.