Child-Festival (Child-Support) - and Youth-Festival


Child Support in the Morning, Food and Accomodation its abaout 55 Euro for the First child under 12 Years. Every next Child under 12 Years is free.

We want to support families.

For this reason we will have FREE Child-Support/ Child Festival  for your second or third or fouth child.You pay only for your first Child under 12 Years.

The Child Support is in the morning...from 10.00 to 12.30

In the Afternoon, we will have 1 child parents dance workshop...and 2 bubble games the afternoon. - (changes reserved tailored to the needs of the children) - 

We will not have child-support in the evening.

Youth Contact Festival for your child above 12 Years its 98 Euro. Every further/second or third Child above 12 Years is free


In the Afternoon and in the Evening we will have Youth Workshops

DANCE VIDEO WORKSHOP with Linda Tinobsin - (it needs a hole DAY for cutting and execution - the Video will be demonstrated in one of the evening Jams for all Festival Participants.) -


CONTACT - AKROBATIK- TECHNIQUE Workshop with Hip Hop  Music  with Linda Tinobsin-  

DISCO FOR YOUTH IN THE NIGHT-  with Linda Tinobsin and other Teacher

Organisator of the youth Festival is  LINDA TINOBSIN (DANCER AND PERFORMER) and Kalimah Moorea - Video Produktion normally last the hole day!!

If you have Questions contact Kalimah - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






 Please bring your own dishes !!! - also for your children.Thanks